Turn Their Enthusiasm

Ten kindergarten students are more than enough to fill a typical Fun With Letterforms class with great energy and action. This short video can give you some idea [password: alphabet]:

It’s the teacher’s job to channel all this enthusiasm into good work. The most significant change to the FWL curriculum this session (lasting from October 2016 to next week) was my introducing a simple song to sing during writing. We would sing a Letterforms version of “Frere Jacques” in time with a metronome set to 86 bpm, with the idea that it would encourage them to slow down and focus during their line-making.

Below is a .pdf link containing a 12-meeting FWL course overview. Some of the plans are aspirational, but we managed to mostly follow it — allowing for enthusiastic diversions here and there.

FWL Course Overview 2017-Bondurant